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Window Installation

Window installation is an essential part of any construction or renovation project, and it requires the expertise of skilled professionals to ensure that the windows are installed securely and precisely. There are several steps involved in window installation, including measuring and sizing the openings, removing the existing window frames, installing new frames, and placing the glass panels.

The first step in window installation is to measure the openings accurately to ensure that the windows will fit perfectly. This involves measuring the length, width, and depth of the rough opening, as well as verifying that the opening is square. Once the measurements are taken, the installation team will order the windows to be manufactured to the exact size specifications.

The second step in window installation is to remove the existing windows and frames. This requires the use of specialized tools to carefully remove the trim, sill, and jambs without damaging the surrounding walls or structures. Once the frames are removed, the installation team will clean the opening thoroughly to remove any debris or dust.



The next step is to install the new window frames. This involves attaching the frame to the rough opening using screws or nails, depending on the type of window being installed. The installation team will use shims to ensure that the frame is level and plumb, and they will check it with a spirit level to ensure that it is perfectly straight.

Once the frame is securely installed, the installation team will place the glass panels into the frame. This involves sealing the edges of the glass with a high-quality sealant to prevent leaks and drafts. They will then install the trim and hardware, including locks, handles, and hinges.


Finally, the installation team will clean the interior and exterior of the windows to remove any smudges or debris. They will check the windows to ensure that they open and close smoothly and that there are no leaks or drafts. The result is a beautiful, functional, and energy-efficient set of windows that enhance the beauty and functionality of the home or building.

In conclusion, window installation is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the expertise of skilled professionals. It involves measuring, removing existing frames, installing new frames, placing the glass panels, and checking for leaks and drafts. With proper installation, windows can improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of any home or building. Contact Velos Construction today to get started on your window installation project.


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